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Sombra System Works

We don't just build systems, we build business.

We are a systems development company, we primarily focus on helping companies in turning their ideas into reality. Our clients love working with us as we give emphasis on quality work, timely delivery and business continuity.
Interested? drop us a line, as we would love to be part of your next ground breaking idea.

Why Us

  1. We do custom systems development, from planning, to ground up development, to testing, to production run, to maintenance we handle all of those areas.
  2. We provide system support, so you can stay focus in growing your business. We use state of the art facilities in our system, this ensures 99.9% uptime on your applications.
  3. Everchanging specifications, no problem. That's what Agile methodologies are for. We don't limit our client with ready made solutions, or rather force them into opinionated solutions. If it says it is custom, then it is custom.

About Us


Software Engineering

We use Agile in getting things done. This gives us the ability to adapt to the everchanging business requirements.



We adhere to coding standards. To help us boost our productivity we use well tested frameworks.


Test Driven

We test our codes before we roll out in production. This serves as a guarantee that the code is 100% working and stable.



We use tried and tested tools to help us build our systems. We use state of the art facilities and softwares to achieve this standard.

Contact Us

20 Pacific House, Queen's Road, Central Hong Kong

You can reach us via:

HK: +852-8170-001
AU: +61 (02) 8007-3311

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